preschool playground paradise

Joint Winner: Landscape Victoria 2009 Awards of Excelence

Landscape Design 150 m2 - 1000 m2

This project involved an extensive consultation process involving the pre-school teachers, parent, & committee & kids to devise a Project Design Brief that met all requirements of both the physical & legislative outcomes criteria.

The existing outdoooor space had little care other than maintenance work carried out on it in the last twenty years, & required a full redesign to bring it up to the standard needed to provide a rich, diverse interactive environment flexible to the day to day running of the centre

The works were broken into two stages, the first including new planting of selected variety of vegetation, a dry-creek bed, water play area, trike / traffic safety track, raised vegetable gardens, synthetic turf "rolling down" hill, water tanks, sand pit & toy storage facilities.

The second stage will include an extensive raised serpentine board walk, more planting, an outdoor amphitheatre, & possibly more, flexible layout, play equipment.

The feedback from parent, teachers, & most imporatantly, the kids has been very positive

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