Pool & pavilion - sloping garden transformed

This project brief was to create a usable family pool & entertaining space for a growing family.

The pool is a large 10 x 5 metre size to cater for friends & extended family, set at a single step down from the level of the floor to home. This required not only an extensive site cut, but also numerous retaining wall structures. Optimum use of the available space [ a large lawn area was also requested] meant that these retaining walls were designed to form the side & rear walls of the pavilion, & to function as the water feature wall to the pool. This, thru a co-ordinated Design & Engineer approach, kept costs to a minimum, & a great aesthetic outcome.

This "smart design" approach was also used for the decking to the opposite side of the pool to the pavilion, the decking is cooler under foot, visually striking, & as parts of the structure are above natural ground level over a zone of filled soil, more cost effective than paving

The replacement of non-compliant doors to the rear of the home with [under the then pool fence regs. compliant] door & large windows negated the need for pool fencing between home & created a spectacular viewline from inside the home, across the pool, to the water feature spouts on pool retaining wall.

The newly built store means that clutter can be kept out of the pool pavilion, allowing for the use as a "cricket watching TV retreat" for the father of the family.