pool & deck to sloping garden


The existing decking leading from the home's upper level main living areas was poorly linked to a steeply sloping little used rear garden.  As a part of all our Designs we assess not only how the pool relates to the garden & exterior living / entertaining spaces, but also how these relate to the home as a whole.

As part of our design we allowed for the deck to be extended, timber balustrades to be replaced with semi-frameless glass & a new set of stairs. These stairs lead down to an expansive dining deck, with a pool pavilion at the same level. This pavilion contains fridge, sink , bbq, & other required food preparation facilities, complete with a "canteen window" bi-fold & counter. The pool area is set on a lower level, with a newly leveled, lawned play area for the children at a lower level again. These spaces are linked with wide treads to cantileverd stairs.

Screen planting species were chosen to not only hide adjoining properties from view, but to also be as low maintenance as posible.

The end result not only meets the growing family's present needs, but is flexible enough to changes as the family grows older.

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