resort pool in sculpture garden

The clients are ex-pats returning from an overseas placement, & had been inspired by resort pools visited around the world.

This, the desire for a specific "look" water feature, & a love of sculpture formed the basis of the design.

A decision was made to focus on the hard landscape budget  with precise details & executed construction, & using smaller plant stock allowing a great outcome within the required cost.

This detail is particularly evident in the planning required for the pool hard cover, & its integration with the water feature,this being inspired by one seen in a favourite resort.

Practicality was not compromised in this project, with an extensive dog-run area concealed to above the pool, with kennels & the like to be concealed by hedge planting to rear of water feature.

A well equiped alfresco kitchen, & large lawn areas round off a great garden & exterior living spaces for the clients' & their young children

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