heritage listed federation home

This project invovled a site specific heritage overlay for the home, & required extensive documentation of works & close liasion with client, heritage consultant, & local government planning departments.

We were responsible for designing all exterior works, including built structures such as alfresco, new garage, & front fence with relevant building design professionals working from our concept drawings.

The existing front fence was removed after permits were approved & issued, & a new one installed. The decorative cornice to top of pillars were custom made from moulds taken from details to the home's chimmney tops.

Permits were obtained for the removal of large cypress that had been dropping limbs.

 The brick driveway had been damaged by tree roots,  was removed  & a new driveway reconfigured for easier car access.

The existing carport was refurbished, & an undercover walkway installed to new side doors to home. Existing rotting deck was removed, & replaced with a covered alfresco dining space & fully fitted kitchen.

Extensive earthworks & retaining to rear garden allowed for a larger lawn area, & new pool & paving. Planting to this & driveway area was designed to block overviewing from, & visual bulk of, adjacent 2 storey home.

Selected art & sculptural pieces were included in the garden layout.

The end result gave the clients the facilities & aesthetics they required, while still meeting the stringent Heritage requirements of the local Town Planning Department.

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