contemporary sculpture garden

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Having previously worked with clients & architect on their previous home situated immediately adjacent, when the decision was made to build a larger residence, we as landscape designers  were offered the perfect opportunity to collaborate with all concerned from the earliest stages of the design brief.

Inspired by a recent trip thru the south of England, the client wanted to echo the feel of rural meadow rows & pasture grass in her garden, with the added challenge of a contemporary home & incorporation of her love of sculpture.

These requirements, along with very strongly framed view lines from all levels of the homes interior to the garden spaces, presented a challenge we were eager to meet.

From the basement level glass fronted office the balance of providing a verdant, lush, outlook, using a varied textured & color foliage pallete, while ensuring light into the north facing space was not hindered, resulted in a multi layered, terraced planter box treatment.

The floor level window from the dining room presented a perfect opportunity for placement of a long, narrow pond that continues alongside the suspended walkway to the front entry door. This pond has a custom cut, mammoth block of black granite lit at night that is viewed from the dining table.

The long view line from the suspended entry walk way continues the length of the front garden terminated by a planting saucer full of succulents. The rural feel of the meadow grass, left long & growing on raised mounds, is echoed by the barbed fencing wire sphere sculptures.

Private courtyards, such as to the main bedrom patio, will be screened by thick planting as the garden matures.

The playful use of bold, primary colors link the totem pole sculpture, aligned to be viewed along the length of the home's entry hallway corridor thru the glass front & rear doors/ to the citrus tree planters & the red flue of the home's wood heater.

The clients love their new garden - & the fact that they can look over the side fence & still enjoy seeing their previous home's garden mature as well!