garden evolves as family needs change

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this is the sort of ongoing relationship we love to develop with our clients - a project of over a decade, the garden evolving to meet the needs of a growing family.

on a relatively small site, working with the passionate gardener & home-makers that the clients are, the garden started as a dog-worn lawn, & a difficult "L" shaped garden that did not link well to the existing deck

stage one involved replacing lawn with gravel paving, screening over-looking from adjacent properties, & linking the garden thru a serpentine dry creek bed"fed" from an ornamental urn "spring-head"

stage two evolved when the client wished to integrate a pool, spa & pool patio, & was unhappy with the proposed solution from pool companies & architect.

the pool was placed in the "shortleg" of the L shaped space, finished levels set to link to existing deck, & related planting & pool fencing, screening to street treated appropriately

stage two point one involved considerable care & co-ordination of contractors to lift existing japanese maples from proposed pool area, & transplanting into the refreshed front garden layout

the result is the gardener, & the pool lovers of the family are all happy with the outcome

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