front garden water feature makeover

After completing extensive landscape, deck & pool design to the rear garden, & overseeing the installation of all of these components, the owners of this house were so happy with the result they asked us to cast an eye over the front garden.

The garden had suffered greatly through the drought, was dated in design, & included a water hungry lawn. As well, the front entry path was a "shotgun" approach with no time for  a visitor to appreciate what garden there was before having to negotiate a cramped entry to the front door.

A large water feature & pond replaced the lawn, screen planting blocked the bulk of the adjacent home. The new, staggered large format paver front entry path, with pebble inserts, slows the walk to the front door so the garden  can be appreciated. A looser planting pallete creates a less formal layout than previously, reflecting the owners relaxed lifestyle, while some selected retained plant specimens add structure where required.

The new front garden & entry path gives a sense of what awaits in the rear garden - see link

Note: please hover cursor over image for details, click for larger display.