classic malvern garden & pool makeover

The owners proposed new home additions looked out thru an expansive window to a wall of clay, the existing pool was needing renovating,  the spa leaked & was difficult to access, entertaining space in the garden was limited & traffic flow between areas & levels difficult.

The answer was to make all these negatives into positives thru lengthy discussions with us, & clever design ideas. The existing lower patio was extended, & a wide set of steps built to link patio with upper pool area. The newly excavated clay bank provided a spot for a long curving water feature, the integrated retaining wall providing fixing for the 3 x water outlets perfectly positioned for viewing from inside the home.The pool was resurfaced with black pebbles, & all plant & equipment upgraded.  A low seating wall & decking was provided  next to the spa, access & visibility improved by a pair of sweeping steps to either side of a water rill returning spa overflow water to pool.

The new deck bbq area allowed for larger scale entertaining & alfresco dining, & link to the pool paving with mondo planted random shape stone steppers. The vertical timber batten screen hides a fully fittted store, & the new pool equipment.

An emphais was placed on retaining maximum existing planting & iconic stone paving & walling .The new gardens, pool spa & gardens have been brought up to contemporary standards of function and facility, yet the integrity of the 90 year old stone work & planting remains intact

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