Acreage Beauty

We worked extensively with the clients, a young couple who are avid gardeners with children who enjoy using the expansive property's outdoor spaces to the full. The home required an extensive site cut & related works to be positioned to take full advantage of the steeply sloping block. This created complex retaining walls & drainage considerations to be included in the Design response.

We also designed a custom laser-cut set of entry gates which provide security with the driveway leading to an expansive fore-court area to the front of the home. "Floating" timber steps were also drawn up to link this forecourt to the front entry porch.

A range of Hard Landscape materials, including random or "crazy pattern" blue-stone, exposed aggregate concrete, asphalt, & compacted toppings were used for the paved surfaces. New retaining wall structures were laid out in a mix of Corten steel & larger Mansfield mud-stone strata rock. Both materials were also used to create staircases to link the number of levelled spaces through the site. Existing timber retaining walls were also clad in Corten steel.

These retaining works allowed for the formation of extensive ball game playing field, a secluded fire-pit patio, & other usable spaces as required.

The expansive kitchen / herb garden was linked with a circular Corten steel staircase to the more extensive raised vegetable garden beds positioned away from the home. Standard bay trees were positioned to frame the view from the parents' suite wing over the wet-edge pool & entertaining decks to the valley beyond, and bluestone steppers through topping paved garden to lead the eye from the alfresco deck to the circular staircase.

Extensive use of contoured drainage swales & predominately dry, stone & boulder strewn creek beds were also used in conjunction with conventional sub-surface drainage techniques to ensure adequate control of water flow over site. All lawn edges were laid out in sweeping curves to ensure that mowing was possible with a ride-on mower.

Planting was predominately native & indigenous, with 2 large Xanthorea "Grass Trees" used to frame the front entry, native tufting grasses & strap foliage planting placed to retain slopes where required, & screen hedging placed to hide adjacent properties & provide privacy from over-viewing.

The end result is a beautiful, usable & practical garden layout that requires a relatively low maintenance input for its size, & allows the growing family to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle to the fullest.