contemporary courtyard makeover

The town residence is of contemmporary off-form concrete construction,with a sizable courtyard ideally situated adjacent to the clients' internal living spaces. Unfortunately a tiered planting in oversized garden beds limited the usable paved areas, & existing copper water features had inadequate water reservoirs meaning pumps were regularly running dry & burning out due to water evaporation .

The decision was made to keep the original plain concrete pavers that were laid on a structuraly sound concrete sub-base, & to lift & re-use selected pieces to extend paving & allow the insertion of cobble stone panels. These panels create interest throughtout the courtyard by linking main focal points [water features & tree planting] & extend onto vertical surfaces of courtyard wall to visually extend the space. 

The 3 x deciduous trees are selcted for their tight globose crown growth habbit, providing shade with minimal pruning requirements. Bare rooted oversize conifers provide hedging & will be pruned to shape in the first growing season.

The 2 x water features had the individual, inadequate pumps removed, & a single larger commercial grade pump placed in a 200 litre inground water tank [accessibel thru a removable concrete paver] & plumbed to each feature thru 2 x  adjustable flow control valves.

The client's favourite pots were planted with Cycas, & their treasured casual chairs add just the perfect splash of color to the mono-tone hard surfaces.

The end result is a stylish, practical exterior living space that meets the client's brief, while remaining true to the design ethos of the original home architect's vision.

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