spanish inspired courtyard pool

The Client loved her inner city townhouse location & neighbours, but her desire for a pool meant there was consideration of selling due to the perception of inadequate avaialbe space in the small "L" shaped courtyard , & the subsequant posible expense of pool install. We were consulted, & devised an innovative layout where the finished level of the proposed pool drasticly reduced construction costs by removing the need for underpinning of the adjacent building foootings. This, & the use of not only property line screens as pool barriers, but also the placement of a pool gate to te upper level roof deck meant creation of a usable layout, with Complaince achieved. A series of Bougenvillea planted iron arches draws the eye the length of the long leg of the cuortyard, & also screen the adjacent home. The use of garden mirrors in steel wall mounted arches gives a visually larger space to the pool, which is nestled behind glass pool fence in the short leg of the "L" The fully tiled pool, classical ornamentation, decorative tesselated tiles on step risers & low walls, use of travertine paving, & limited planting gives the Client the Spansih style & low maintenece requested.